Guidelines For Using Music, Video, And Creative Content In Business

January 20, 2018

Business people applauding
February 15, 2018 2pm Central Time Manhattan, New York As part of Lawline’s one-day entertainment law seminar, Attorneys Dermot Horgan, Jeannine Rittenhouse, and Christopher Lay will present their lively 90-minute CLE program. Through stories, case studies, and scenarios, participants will have fun learning about this tricky area of the law. Already, the program been approved for CLE Credit in nearly 20 states. Access to the live webstream can be purchased through The show can be watched as it happens live from Broadway at 2pm Central Time on Thursday 15 February 2018, or it can be downloaded for viewing and learning enjoyment at any time afterwards.


At IpHorgan, we offer you insight that can only be acquired and meticulously developed during our 15 year history as a team with over 200 years cumulative professional experience working on intellectual property transactions with businesses in nearly every sector of the U.S. and global economy.

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