For China, The IpHorgan Recipe For Defeating Counterfeiters — Persistence And Stick-To-It-Ness

June 15, 2020

Woman tourist walking in China
Offender was flooding the Chinese market with counterfeits. In Foshan, a city close to the Hong Kong border, we sued. The marks and goods were virtually identical; there was no issue about infringement. Judgement should be a matter of course. But then we received a call from the Court. It had misgivings: it doubted our evidence, it doubted our case, and it doubted us. The fix was in. We immediately withdrew the case. We knew that our villain also sold products in Shenyang, which was near the border with North Korea. Our research confirmed that its court system there was surprisingly robust. Moving with speed and determination, we refiled our case. This time we prevailed. Our target appealed to the High Court. We had hoped he would. A High Court ruling would greatly strengthen our hand. And again we won Armed with an iron-clad judgement, we returned to Foshan. We first froze the counterfeiter’s bank accounts; we next closed his business; and we then recovered over 300,000 rmbs in damages. Deploying equal measures of perseverance and resilience, we defeated our target in detail.


At IpHorgan, we offer you insight that can only be acquired and meticulously developed during our 15 year history as a team with over 200 years cumulative professional experience working on intellectual property transactions with businesses in nearly every sector of the U.S. and global economy.

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